Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Food & Flesh

So as a university student I recently completed an extremelyyyy long winded photography project which took many months to complete, but alas it is finally finished. I haven't even received my grades back for this yet, but I am pretty proud of how it turned out! 
This blog is, of course, a personal output for me to share my thoughts and interests, but also considering that my degree is in Media studies it will be beneficial for me to use it almost as an online portfolio also. 

The title of my photography series was 'Food & Flesh' which might leave you thinking whaaat? But it basically captures the relation between the obvious, the flesh and the food we eat. I feel that as a series it can be interpreted in many different ways which is something I really like about it. It could be given numerous different titles (trust me I had a page full of them) and stand for all different things. 

I wanted the series to have a strong feminine feel to it, pretty obvious considering I used a female model. I love bright photography which has a vintage feel to it, for example, one of my favourite photographers is Sarah Bah Bah which probably shows in some of my images. I also took inspiration from a series called 'Wardrobe Snacks' by Kelsey Mclellan which is a beautiful series which you should check out!

Anyway, I'll stop blabbering. Hopefully, you enjoy my images as much as I did. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! Do you think the series works? Let me know!

Amelia x


Real Junk Food | Manchester

It’s definitely safe to say I have been beyonddd slacking with my blog. Partly because I felt unmotivated and was struggling to think of things I really wanted to write about, but also because my university workload has been a handful!
Nevertheless, I am back with a new post, finally trying to get back into the swing of things!

So recently I came across a restaurant called Real Junk Food, which is situated on Oxford Road in Manchester City centre and was intrigued by it whenever I walked past. Was it actual junk food, as in fast food? But what did the ‘Real’ aspect mean? Well, this particular restaurant is different from most because it is ‘not-for-profit’ and only uses ingredients and produce that would have otherwise been thrown out. The aim of the company is to ‘reduce as much food waste as possible’ therefore tackling environmental issues. The food is still served to a high standard just as any other restaurant would be.. even though the ingredients are all recycled ‘waste’, now that sounds like a pretty cool concept right?

Since the restaurant is not-for-profit, it functions on a pay as you feel basis. So, in summary, you pay what you feel the food is worth, or what you can afford to spare. Upon entering the restaurant it has refreshingly light decor, with hanging plants all around and chalkboard walls filled with artwork and writing. The decor makes the place feel fun and upbeat, which of course goes perfectly with the whole concept of the place. There is an immediate sense of community spirit to the restaurant, the staff are all volunteers so do not get paid for their time, yet were extremely polite and genuinely welcoming towards each and every customer.

I noticed evident regulars, particlary some homeless men, that were on a first name basis with all the volunteers and had genuine expressions of excitement as they paced down the stairs to the lower level seating area, food in hand. The restaurant also appeared popular with customers who are on their lunch break, dressed in suits and work attire, popping in for some lunch and a coffee fix.

I sat in the downstairs seating area and there was a small chalkboard menu of food available to order that particular day, a selection of tea and coffee, and then a help yourself water and juice station. I ordered Boston beans on sourdough bread, topped with a fried egg and some spiced yoghurt, then a latte to drink. As an avid coffee drinker who has unashamedly tried the large majority of coffee that is recommended in Manchester, I found the coffee here extremely enjoyable and would definitely go back for that alone.

The food arrived fairly soon after the drinks and looked extremely appetising and was presented to just as high of a standard as some highly regarded restaurants I have previously eaten at in Manchester. Now for the important part, the taste. Myself and my friend were extremely satisfied with the food, and finished every last bit. Something as simple as that dish was delicious.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience at Real junk food, and would certainly visit again. I chose to pay £7.50 for my latte and food, and left more than satisfied with a pleasantly full stomach.

Amelia x


Sunday, 30 July 2017

Quick and Easy Home-made Naked Bars!

I'm always looking for new ways to improve my diet in order to be that little bit healthier. I find that one of my biggest downfalls is snacking! It's so easy to pick up that chocolate bar or biscuit(s) to go with your tea or coffee, or just whenever you're feeling that sugar craving in general (which for me is pretty often).

 I've tried the 'Nakd.' bars before but never really go out of my way to buy them.. I also think they're quite pricey! So I thought why not make my own? Plus once I have the ingredients in my cupboard it means I can always make another batch, therefore saving money in the long run. They are superrrr easy to make, and literally contain 3/4 ingredients depending on your preference. They require no cooking, just simply being popped in the fridge to cool once made.


Makes around 12 servings.

2 Cups of Dates (I use Medjool Dates)

2 Tbsp of Cocoa -  to make them healthier use raw cacao powder, tastes just as nice!

2 Tsp of Vanilla extract (or orange, etc)

1.5 Cups of Cashew nuts - or others such as almonds. This can be skipped or substituted, I skipped because I didn't have any in the house.

The original Nakd Bars contain raisins but I only put in a very small amount, not even the full 1/2 pictured below. The good thing about these bars is that they are very adaptable so definitely mix and match different ingredients and make them your own!


Place all the ingredients into a food processor in order to get it to the right consistency which will be sort of soft and sticky, mine did turn out a little too sticky probably due to the lack of nuts which tends to bind the mixture better.

Then press the mixture into a container, I use a rectangular glass dish so that they're easy to remove and are around the right shape.

Then simply pop them into the fridge for anywhere between an hour or 2, you can decide when you want to take them out. Or, place in in the freezer for half an hour to speed up the process. Cut and present them however you like, I just go for the typical rectangular sort of bar shape. 

You can freeze them if you don't think you'll eat them very quickly which is perfect, or serve them up on a place and keep them covered in the fridge for friends and family to snack on!

Definitely give them a try for a healthier alternative where you still feel like you're getting that chocolate fix!



Saturday, 22 July 2017

Tenerife Travel Diary

A visual collection from my holiday in Tenerife.

(Don't be fooled, almost all of this gelato melted down my leg and hands after taking this photo ^^)

Typically I managed to discover a coffee shop, as I do wherever I go, Smart Bakery in Playa des las Americas was my favourite!

If you're in Tenerife and get chance to visit Los Abrigos, definitely do. I have ever since I can remember! You can see all the little boats which go out and catch fresh fish each day so that they can then serve it in their restaurants. 'Restaurante Los Abrigos' is my favourite and is amazing for sea food and sangria lovers!

I had a little shock when I ordered bruschetta to start and this ginormous thing came out! Nevertheless it was probably the best I've ever tasted. This was at White Sand, Adeje, which also served the best champagne sangria. Overall one of our favourite restaurants, would definitely recommend!

More coffee, (obviously)!

Tenerife has always been more of a home away from home for me, the extent of my family and I have been visiting since I was literally old enough to fly. I have so many fond memories there, from Christmas to celebrating the millennium, with family members who are sadly no longer with us. So it's always nice to go back since we don't go as often as we once did. It was especially nice to visit with my boyfriend and show him around also as my first holiday without my parents. Luckily he loved it! I've always stayed in Golf del Sur which is also somewhere I'd highly recommend, but this time we tried out Playa des las Americas and thoroughly enjoyed it!

If you're looking for a relaxed holiday, although there's plenty to do on the island, with friendly locals then you should definitely give Tenerife a visit.

If you have ever been, what are some of your favourite places there?

Amelia x


Monday, 26 June 2017

Summer Wardrobe

When it comes to summer clothes I am the worst. I find it extremely hard to splash out on a bunch of summer outfits since here in England, we tend to get around 2 weeks worth of genuinely hot weather, and even that's a stretch. As weird as it may seem to some, I am 100% a winter person so that's another contributing factor! But, as we're well on our way into Summer I've reluctantly found myself having to buy the odd piece of summer clothing here and there. 

However, in the last few days before I move out of my flat for the end of first year at University, my boyfriend and I spontaneously decided to book our first holiday together, literally in the space of like 48 hours which was of course very exciting! After we had our happy, giddy phase it soon kicked in that we literally jet off to Tenerife in the space of 10 days and I am far from prepared. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share some bits and pieces I'm loving at the moment for summer, and what I'm thinking of purchasing for my own holiday. 

I personally find that Asos is a lifesaver when it comes to summer clothes, they have so much variety and what's better than shopping from the comfort of your laptop avoiding the manic last minute holiday shoppers like myself? I love how you can almost shop a shop, within a shop. For example, you can find Missguided clothing, Newlook clothing and loads more, all on the same site. So I just click on the 'Holiday' edit from the menu and start shopping!

The first swimwear item I spotted was this gorgeous floral swimsuit with lace up detail on the sides. I love everything about it, I love the colours and the little bit of extra something it has going on with the lace up sides. 

Next are these gorgeous sandals. I love how simple and feminine they are (and that they only cost £10!). They can definitely be dressed either up or down which is a bonus, and I think the pretty gold colour will go perfectly with a tan.. plus they're super comfy.

I was pretty unsure about these slider style shoes, when I chose them I mostly had travelling attire in mind but due to the embellishment on them with the gold strap, they would actually go well with all sorts of outfits. I actually really liked them once they arrived!

This next top is a gorgeous off the shoulder top which is actually from Boohoo, now if you know me you know I loveee anything off the shoulder. I think the style is so flattering and literally looks good on everyone. This over dramatic, frilled style sleeve seems to really be in at the moment and I think this would look gorgeous with a denim skirt or some culottes.

I definitely need more outfits before my holiday but of course this is a start! After some more frantic and stressful shopping, fingers crossed I'll have everything I need and I'll be happy with the outfits.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this post as it's also my first! If you did look out for some more coming very soon, 

Amelia x

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