Sunday, 30 July 2017

Quick and Easy Home-made Naked Bars!

I'm always looking for new ways to improve my diet in order to be that little bit healthier. I find that one of my biggest downfalls is snacking! It's so easy to pick up that chocolate bar or biscuit(s) to go with your tea or coffee, or just whenever you're feeling that sugar craving in general (which for me is pretty often).

 I've tried the 'Nakd.' bars before but never really go out of my way to buy them.. I also think they're quite pricey! So I thought why not make my own? Plus once I have the ingredients in my cupboard it means I can always make another batch, therefore saving money in the long run. They are superrrr easy to make, and literally contain 3/4 ingredients depending on your preference. They require no cooking, just simply being popped in the fridge to cool once made.


Makes around 12 servings.

2 Cups of Dates (I use Medjool Dates)

2 Tbsp of Cocoa -  to make them healthier use raw cacao powder, tastes just as nice!

2 Tsp of Vanilla extract (or orange, etc)

1.5 Cups of Cashew nuts - or others such as almonds. This can be skipped or substituted, I skipped because I didn't have any in the house.

The original Nakd Bars contain raisins but I only put in a very small amount, not even the full 1/2 pictured below. The good thing about these bars is that they are very adaptable so definitely mix and match different ingredients and make them your own!


Place all the ingredients into a food processor in order to get it to the right consistency which will be sort of soft and sticky, mine did turn out a little too sticky probably due to the lack of nuts which tends to bind the mixture better.

Then press the mixture into a container, I use a rectangular glass dish so that they're easy to remove and are around the right shape.

Then simply pop them into the fridge for anywhere between an hour or 2, you can decide when you want to take them out. Or, place in in the freezer for half an hour to speed up the process. Cut and present them however you like, I just go for the typical rectangular sort of bar shape. 

You can freeze them if you don't think you'll eat them very quickly which is perfect, or serve them up on a place and keep them covered in the fridge for friends and family to snack on!

Definitely give them a try for a healthier alternative where you still feel like you're getting that chocolate fix!



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